Welcome to Tried and True Boutique!

I am so glad to have you and WELCOME you to the TTB family.

My name is Jordyn-

Who? I am the Owner, Founder, and Sole employee of this inclusive clothing boutique.

What is TTB? Tried and True Boutique's goal is to create effortless shopping with timeless, fashionable, and empowering apparel and accessories. TTB will maintain quality clothing options, a 100% happiness guarantee, and a breezy shopping experience. With the corresponding Facebook page, TTB offers Confidence Chats and welcomes customers to ask questions, feel their best, build their confidence, build each other up, and help them develop their self-esteem.

As a Female Business owned boutique, Tried and True Boutique focuses on confidence and comfort.

When it began, at age nine, I was given a sewing machine which sparked my interest in fashion. As I grew, I achieved my business degree and spent several years in the customer service industry, all while stoking the embers of my childhood dream. Here I am 15+ years later with this opportunity to own and run my clothing store.

Where to find TTB? At the moment, Tried and True Boutique is exclusively online, with the occasional Pop-Up Shop/Vendor Fair. As an online boutique, TTB is out of Waukee, Iowa - USA. Midwest Small Business at its finest. Check out the Vendor Fair Page to see where you can find TTB to shop in person.

Why? Through careful selection of quality fabric, craftsmanship and attention to detail, Tried and True will serve as a Go-To Shop for all your clothing needs. Gone are the days of guessing if something is the same as the picture. Tried and True vets and carefully selects quality items for you.

Thank you! I am so appreciative to have the opportunity to share my passion with you all.

Tried and True Boutique- Dressing women in confidence and comfort with chic design.