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Top 5 Winter Must Haves

Winter is creeping up on us a little too fast here in the Midwest. We were spoiled with 50-degree weather here in Iowa up until last weekend. We shouldn't be too surprised, considering we usually have a few inches of snow by now. It's time to start switching out the fall clothes with the winter closet, and we just wanted an extra week or so to do it. We are expected to get a half-inch of snow tonight, but being prepared is better than not being prepared.

Since winter comes like a freight train every year, we thought it would be helpful to gather some TTB items that are essential for surviving the season. (click on each photo to shop the item)

1- Poncho 

The black and white square poncho is such a stylish piece to add to your winter wardrobe. It's sleek, warm, comfortable, and has a flattering neckline. Layer over your favorite long sleeve tee for an accent piece or wear it for warmth. These mid-west winter days can be unpredictable, so an easy poncho is perfect for those cold mornings and warmer afternoons.


Any sweaters are the best to have, but two of our favorites are the zip neck pullovers and the turtle neck sweaters. They are both super soft and make you want to cuddle up and relax by the fireplace. We have a hard time getting things done when wearing these sweaters because they keep you warm and cozy.

3- Leggings 

Okay, okay. We know- We all have a ton of legging. The Mono B active leggings (pink, black, and cloud) are absolutely to die for, though. New Year is around the corner when we all decide to get in shape. Whether you stick with it or just like the workout gear, these leggings are what you need. They are slick and fit comfortably under other pants if you want an extra layer as well.

4- PJ sets

Who doesn't love cozying up next to the TV with blankets and a hot drink? Kindly press the X button up on the right corner if you don't. (just kidding, don't go. we're a friendly community, remember?) This leopard set is super soft, lightweight, flowy, and easy to sleep in. Plus, it has a stunning fit and is easy to move around in.

5- Lip Balm Holders

Winter wind is a real bummer. What's worse is trying to dig through your purse with your gloves on to find your lip balm. The lip balm holder is perfect for hanging on your keys or a zipper of your bag for easy access. It snuggles holds your lip balm so you can't lose it, and it's stylish too.


As always, Tried and True Boutique is Dressing Women in confidence and comfort with chic designs.

Happy Friday Everyone!

xoxo- Jordyn S.

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