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10% of Profit Donations

During the first week of December 12/1-12/8 Tried and True Boutique will be donating 10% of profits to the Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP).

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program is an Iowa organization that provides support and advocacy services to victim/survivors of domestic violence. DVIP focuses to help individuals receive immediate and long-term safety.

With help from local communities DVIP strives to end domestic abuse through education, accountability, and social justice.

Tried and True wants everyone to know that you are not alone. If you are suffering Domestic Violence (DV) there are people to help. As a small business we cannot save the world but we can try to help any chance we can.

If you know anyone suffering from DV share this link with them, there is a safety exit built into their site for quick page closing.

At Tried and True Boutique we dress women in confidence and comfort. That means you must be safe to healthy to grow the confidence to make the change.

STAY SAFE TTB Community!

xoxo Jordyn  S.

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